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July 1993 2002 REUNION!

Reunion 1993 Photo Gallery


A note from Don Barnett, one of the organizers of the 1993 Reunion, about organizing another.

Reunion 2002 Photo Gallery

(This section needs work)

Readings from the Banquet Saturday Night

Keith Watkins reunited with December 1969 Ward 5 staff


To submit pictures to the website

  1. Please send unedited photos on a CD or by email.  

  2. Highest quality photo file that you have is appreciated.

  3. Webmaster can scan in your photos if you include a self-addressed envelope with postage attached.  Contact webmaster for postal address.

  4. Identify the people in the group and the situation.

  5. If the pictures are not of the reunion, but from Vietnam, please identify

    - place,
    - people and
    - time frame, as well as
    - event which may be in the picture.

You are invited to submit something you have written to the website.  Send it to the webmaster, with a suggestion of where it might best fit into the site (History, Recollections, etc.)

Who Have You Kept Contact With?

Even if you didn't attend, and don't intend to go to the reunions (we wish you would reconsider...), contact those 24th Evac alumni you have kept up with, and make sure they know about the website.  

Keeping Yourself in the Loop

Marti (Courson) Maron, who helped with registration at the 2002 reunion in San Antonio, is keeping track of all of us until the next reunion (to be announced).  If you have a change of address, email address or phone number, etc., contact the webmaster to update your information in our records.

Updated: November 22, 2008

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