May 30 through July 11, 2000

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Carol Kirk <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Tyler
Clarksville, TN USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Incountry 5/69-12/70
Association: Sent you our patients

I was an OR nurse at the 3rd Surg in Binh Thuy from 5/69-5/70, then extended and went up to the 45th Surg at Tay Ninh. When we closed the hospital out in Tay Ninh at the end of 9/70, I was sent down to the 93rd Evac for the remainder of my tour. I remember riding up from the Delta one night in a terrible monsoon storm to bring you a patient with a bad head injury.

I am also trying to find a friend of mine who was at the 24th from 5/69-5/70. She also worked in the OR and married an anesthetist if I remember correctly. Her name was Rose Gasweseoma (sp?) and she was Amerindian from Teec Nos Pos, AZ. She and her husband went back to Ft. Polk after Nam..must have seemed just like home. But I believe that they were divorced not long after that. Would love to find her.

Thanks for the memories.

-Carol (Tyler) Kirk, MAJ ANC (Ret)
Tue Jul 11 9:52:44 2000

Cindy Young <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Mason
McAllen, TX
I was at the 24th Evac from: March 1969 - March 1970
Association: Nurse

Worked on Wards 5 & 6. Pictures of me in the March 1969 part of the History on this site.

I came across the list of names, in order of DEROS date, on the Short Timer's calendar when I left. Of course, mine was at the top. But here are the rest, and what I remember about them, or have written down.

Mason - my name

Gray (Jim, he was a corpsman)His picture is on this site in History, Sept '69, with some other corpsmen (all named).

Hubbard (I have SGT written next to his name, but I don't remember him, so maybe he came to us from the weeds.)

Carr (Patty, ANC, later my roommate at our next assignment, Eisenhower Medical Center, Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia. It was Patty's roommate, Sharon, who was killed while they were on duty together at another hospital - that was why Patty had been transferred.)

Thompson (Tommy, a corpsman from somewhere in the south, soft spoken with glasses)

Nowakowski (Phillip A. Nowakowski, a corpsman, from Chicago) His picture is in History, Dec '69.

Niederhe or Niederle (a corpsman, but I don't remember much about him)

Paradis (a corpsman, don't remember him)

Anderson (SSG, black and round as I remember, had been somewhere else before 5 & 6)

Dinger (Anne, ANC. I remember her well, short brown hair) Her picture is on this site in History, December '69. There is also a picture of Anne somewhere else on the web in another VN site, with a MAJ nurse who was a Nursing Supervisor, but I can't remember her name.

Ackerman (a nurse, but I don't remember)

Jelsma (Dick, neurosurgeon)

Sharpe (another corpsman)

Friedhoff (Ted, ANC, was the head nurse of 5&6 when I left)

Aswad (Madeline - I know that isn't spelled right) ANC, a petite gal, dark hair and eyes.

Brown (Kathy, ANC - strawberry blonde, big blue eyes)

Stout (corpsman, light hair, I think)

Belanger (corpsman)

Jaeger (corpsman)

Hesselman (Barb?, ANC, blonde, big smile)

And finally, Sandy Day, my replacement. I didn't get to know her at all!

Anyway, if anyone can contribute info about anyone on this list, where they are, whatever, please post it here.
I wish I had a list of the names on that DEROS calendar when I got there. But how could an FNG know to write that down.

xo cmy

Thu Jul 6 21:18:13 2000

Allan P Wolff MD <>
chicago, il

I was at the 24th Evac from: sept 66-aug 67
Association: general medical officer
Thu Jul 6 0:58:03 2000
Everett L. Hyman <>
Houston, Tx USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 1967-1968
Association: lab tech

came to the 24th evac in the 2nd wave, thanks to all the people who was in the first wave and did all the hard work of building the place. Worked in the lab mainly typing and cross matching blood for surgery, meeting the helicopters bringing the injured. Tet was the most memorable time, staying up 36 hours straigt trying to keep up with the great surgeons we had. Fun times where the milkshakes in the barium mixers and the pizzas we made in the drying ovens. Good to hear from everybody. Now I am a practicing optometrist and married and have one 29 year old son.
Sun Jul 2 14:28:09 2000

Dan Cunningham <>
Butler, PA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: March 67-March 68
Association: Medial Lab Technician

When I arrived at th 24th Evac we still had the old tents. Our lab and x-ray were in the same building.
I could probably write a book on the many memories of that time. Let me throw some names out and: Rick Rounds, Bill "O" Goersich, Ted Uzelac. Tom Caltalano, Maj Veach.Sgt Vaughn,Sgt Wicks, Ken Bowen, Capt Kling, Capt Jewell, Lt LaRocca, Cherry, SP4 Macintosh, Butch favero, and more and more. I am a Computer Network Consultant, so I am kept busy these days designing and implementing new network technology. I have some pics that I will scan in and post them on this site when I get some time. I hope you all are in great heath and doing well in life. Let me hear from you if you reall the 67-68 era.
Fri Jun 30 14:18:57 2000

Mary Reynolds Powell <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Reynolds
Shaker Heights, OH
I was at the 24th Evac from: Nov 1970-Nov 1971
Association: Nurse: Internal Medicine

I worked in Internal Medicine, originally located on Wards 7 and 8. By the time I left, Medicine had taken over Wards 5 through 10. I met my husband Doug at the 24th Evac. He was a pediatrician who was the Preventive Medicine Officer for Long Binh Post. In April 2000, I published a book about my experiences and those of seven friends I knew in Vietnam. Its title is: "A World of Hurt: Between Innocence and Arrogance in Vietnam." It describes what it was like for those of us still in-country during the last years of the war. The publisher is Greenleaf Enterprises, Inc , the ISBN is 0-9665319-5-7, and it can be ordered through Amazon or your local bookstore.
Mon Jun 26 7:00:20 2000

Dovan Do <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Do Van Du
Federal Way, WA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Sept 68
Association: Patient

I was first admitted to 93rd and to 24th as a Vietnamese 5th SF Combat Interpreter. I was treated by many wonderful people and want to express my sincere thanks to those who have saved my life. I have been living in Seattle since '71. Please contact me if you were there at the 24th EVAC whether as a patient or hospital staff.

Wed Jun 21 3:37:26 2000

Kevin Perrier <>
mpls, mn
I was at the 24th Evac from: sept 25-oct 6 '70
Association: patient

I was medevaced from the bush with 104 fever. I road in with a wounded POW and watched the hospital personnel fight over his Ho Chi Minh sandals. Had a TV fall off the wall onto my bed. It was on a shelf near a door and everytime someone went out they let the door slam. Eventually it worked it's way off. Woke up in a shower one night with three people holding me down in a chair. I thought I was drowning. Guess I got too hot. My doctor was from Minnesota. I don't remember his name. Everyone there worked their butts off and I thank you all. Kevin Perrier Echo Recon 2/7th 1st Cav 70-71
Mon Jun 12 20:23:02 2000

Carol Rogers Pitula <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Rogers
Chicago, IL USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 2-70 thru 2-71.
Association: I was an Army Nurse. I worked on ward 5 & 6 - neurosurgical ICU and then the ER.

I am currently working on memories of Vietnam and the 24th Evac. I have avoided the topic for many years. my memory is hazy but the more I think about events and people the more that comes back. I would love to hear from others. I attended the 1st 24th Evac reunion and am interested in another - as long as all personnel who worked at the 24th are represented and have the opportunity to describe achievements and tell stories. Last reunion was quite one-sided. I am in touch with Barb Hesselman Kautz and Val Biskey if anyone is interested in talking to them. I will send them this URL.
Thu Jun 8 13:22:34 2000

Martha (Marti) Maron <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Courson
Rapid City, SD USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: June 69 - June 70
Association: Nurse, Neurosurgical (Wards 5-6) and Orthopedic/Pediatric/POW Units (Wards 9-10)

Also interested in plans for another reunion -- anything up?? Would volunteer to help as am now retired from active duty! Would love to hear from anyone at 24th in '69-70!
Thu Jun 1 13:04:33 2000

Jose F. Pena <>
Chowchilla, CA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: July 66 to July 67
Association: Served as a Medic.

My name is Mike Pena.  My father served in the army from July of 1966 to July of 1967. I have been looking for some of old buddies and I think he would greatly appreciate hearing from someone that he served with.
Wed May 31 22:40:16 2000

Dick Kellogg <>
Raynham, MA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 3/69 to 4/70
Association: Medical Lab Tech (Blodd Banker)

I've been looking for a website like this ever since the reunion in Washington DC in 93. Hope to hear from any old timers from our outfit or any of the guys from the WRAIR team that worked alongside of us. Many good memories. I recently retired as a police detective after 25 years with the LAPD and currently am living in New England.
Wed May 31 21:04:21 2000

Carl Hakanson <>
Nellysford, VA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 1970-71
Association: General Surgeon

After military commitment, private practice in Tampa, FL. Now, happily retired in VA.
Tue May 30 20:29:46 2000

Lyndsey Stone <lyn7744@excite .com>
San Antonio, Tx USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Dec '70-Sept71
Association: Chief Nurse

Joined the 24th after closing down the 12th Evac at Cu Chi.
Col Cochrane was the C.O. I had served with him at Letterman. Glad to be aboard, any plans for a reunion in the future?. The 12th Evac is having a reunion in San Antonio in November, 30th anniversary of the closing and deactivation in Dec 1970.

Tue May 30 20:06:11 2000

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