January through February 2001

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lucy robinson <lrobinson@scjd.state.sc.us>
My last name while in Vietnam was: na
I was at the 24th Evac from: no
Association: none

I am a member of the American Military Medical Impressions (come by our site: www.ww2medicine.org ). we are considering giving an impression (read: living history) of military, primarily Army, medicine in Viet Nam. i would so appreciate any guidence from the Nurses. i act as the chief nurse for WW2 ANC. i am an enlisted vet, WAC '73-'76, 91D20. any women who could tutor me/us would be so appreciated. we at AMMI, are striving to give a glimpse of what you all did. i am sorry i could not be there to help. i came as soon as i could. again, thank you for then; for now. lucy
Tue Feb 27 12:07:49 2001

Gus McClain <gmc112248@aol.com>
Long Beach, CA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: January thru December 1970
Association: Headquarters Personnel Clerk SP5

I was in charge of officer's records and served as the secretary of the enlisted promotion board. I was also the protestant church organist.
Sun Feb 25 2:51:05 2001

Major Patricia Kuhn <A1PianoKid@AOL.COM>
Edgewateer, Fl USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 70=71
Association: Nurse

Like to hear from old friends
Fri Feb 23 18:15:19 2001

LTC. Edith <A1PianoKid@AOL.COM>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Williams
Edgewater, Fl USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 70=71
Association: Nurse

Using neighbor E-Mail address was with 24th Evac. Long Binh in 70=71 like to here from old friends
Wed Feb 21 20:45:39 2001

GERALD D. ALLGOOD <cleo.allgood@worldnet.att.net>
I was at the 24th Evac from: JUNE 1967-JUNE 1968
Association: XO

My time at the 24th Evac Hospital was probably the highlight of my Army Career. I always wondered how I would stand up in a combat situation, and found out not only was I able to but also what a great bunch of soldiers (men & women) that this country produces. I can also tell you that the Medics are at the top of the heap!! Just look at the number of "Medal of Honors"
The 24th Evac, in my opinion, was the elite hospital in VN, and the reason was the people who served there--"you".
There are so many experiences I could address about what happened while I was there, but I think it would be more fun to reminisce at the reunion.
Wed Feb 21 12:37:27 2001

GERALD D. ALLGOOD <cleo.allgood@worldnet.att.net>
Colorado Springs, CO USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: June 1967- June 1968
Association: XO

Jerry will add comments later.
Sun Feb 18 15:03:17 2001

Richard King <rhking@pdq.net>
Houston, TX USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Jan '66 - Oct. '66
Association: 715G Med. Rec. (A&D)

To: The '66 Originals,

Check my photos, you might be in one of them. Tim Morton, your e-mail address is bad [fixed 7/20/03]. Send me a good one. Tim was a GOOD guy.


I transferred to the 3rd Surg in Oct. My father died and I went home for the funeral. Did not usually happen, except he was a former POW of the Japs. I was too short to be sent back. Not sure they could have made me go back anyway.

Remember: ??? Minnick from Cedar Park/Liberty Hill, TX?
The UT tower sniper Charles Whitman? He killed 3 aquaintences.
August "Hands" Hartcroft of early NHRA fame passed away that Fall. Had a speed shop in Austin. I used to eat lunch with him every once in awhile.
The big explosion down at the ammo dump? Non-fused 155 shells landing all over the place. Made that quanset hut at the 93rd bend like a paper shell.
Thinking, while on guard duty in the middle of the night, about that fuel depot across the road, and what a great target that would be for a VC sapper.
Our VC barber?
Taking the rifles away - then making gun racks and returning them.
Gassed from "overspray" from a riot at LBJ?
Burning the poop?
Somebody, please tell me what the hell happened around mid Aug. '66, when we had to triage patients at the 93rd. Choppers coming in loaded with wounded and went out with pallets of ammo. We took 99 casualties in a 12 - 18 hr. period. As R.L.Burnside says in his song - it's bad you know. Walked into the back of a Chinook full to the brim with like 7 litter and 5 ambulatory. Blood was running out the back door. Smelled like cordite, gunpowder and burned flesh.

Richard King
Sp-5 A&D (that's why I know how many came in)

Mon Feb 12 19:10:44 2001

Keith Watkins <shirljo@texhoma.net>
My last name while in Vietnam was: "Okie"
Duncan, OK USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Dec 7 - Dec 14, 1969
Association: Patient

I just want to thank everyone at the 24th Evac hospital that kept me alive. I received a severe head injury on Dec 7th, 1969 in Tay Nihn province. We were guarding a corps of engineer group building a road when we were ambushed. I was with B Co., 1st 12th Cav AM. I was hit with shrapnel from an RPG. Fragments entered right eye behind sinus, cutting off left eye and exiting by left ear. Suffered brain damage and vision loss.

THANK YOU is not enough to say or express how I feel about the wonderful people that got me back home alive. I just want you to know that I have thought of you often over the years and would love to hear from any of you that on the off chance might remember this Oklahoma cowboy. May God Bless you and give you peace and knowledge that YOU made a difference.

Keith "Okie" Watkins
Sat Feb 3 17:08:02 2001

ralph lawler <rhlawler@bektel.com>
linton, nd usa
I was at the 24th Evac from: jan 71 feb71
Association: patient

loking for a Lt lodge believe first name was Susan She was nurse on the ward.
Fri Feb 2 20:46:11 2001

Son Dinh Nguyen <sonnyd_nguyen@yahoo.com>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Nguyen
San Jose , CA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 68-72
Association: Nursing assistance Ward 7 & 8

My wife and My daughter came to US in April 1975 and I came
to US in March 1984. Right now we live in SAN JOSE, CA.
Wed Jan 31 19:15:55 2001

Greg Brubaker <GBruba6405@aol.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 2/69 - 1/70
Association: Orthopedic technician

I was also TDY to the 12th Evac at Chu Chi for several months. The people were great to work with. Seeing the pictures and emails brought back the memories.

Tue Jan 30 13:16:32 2001

Lewis Woodruff <glassart@eurekanet.com>
Chillicothe, Oh USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: In Vietnam in 1970
Association: I was stationed at the 185th Maint Btn, located close to the 24th.

It was nice to see pictures of the old neighborhood and neighbors again.
Wed Jan 24 0:02:29 2001

Jack Evans <jevans@cwhs.com>
Wenatchee, WA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: August 70 to August 71
Association: Detachment Commander

I currently work at the same hospital as Dr. Carl Mead, and it has been interesting to discuss our experiences. I also appreciated catching up with Mary Reynolds Powell by email and reading her book.
Tue Jan 16 18:45:52 2001

Tom Trostel <trostel@flash.net>
Arlington, TX USA
Association: visitor, OR Tech at 45th Surgical Hospital

I was assigned to the 45th Surg. from June 69 thru June 70.I'm looking forward to our first reunion, Veterans Day of 2001 in D.C.
Sun Jan 7 8:35:05 2001

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