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Barbara Hesselman Kautz <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Hesselman
york, me usa
I was at the 24th Evac from: Feb 70-71
Association: nurse on wards 5-6, then ward 1

I was on wards 5 and 6 from Feb 70- sometime that fall. I spent the 2nd half of my tour on ward 1. Married a helicopter pilot from the 45th Dustoff I met at Ft Knox when he was patient! Still have a few friends I keep in touch with from the 24th Evac (Joanne Kane Halcomb, Susan Lodge Backs, Mary Reynolds Powell, and Carol Rogers Pitula.) The reunion in 93 was terrific but definitely topped by the dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial that fall. I strongly encourage people to read Mary Reynolds Powell's book, A WORLD OF HURT, which in part is about the 24th Evac in 1970. Barb Kautz
Mon Apr 30 17:06:05 2001

Patrick Liszkiewicz <>
Buffalo, NY
I was at the 24th Evac from: 1971-1972
Association: I was a neighbor with the 284th MP Company, Long Binh Jail

You were the greatest. I remember many a night pulling guard duty for prisoners in the hepatitis ward. I'm glad to see you're on the web. The pictures have brought back memories.
Sun Apr 29 21:08:19 2001

Ron Martin <>
Centreville, Va. USA
Association: I was a M.U.S.T Engineer at the 1st Advance Platoon, 32nd Medical Depot in Long Binh from 9/69 to 9/70. I helped shut down and pack-up of the 2nd Surgical, 3rd Surgical, 18th Surgical, and 45 Surgical Hospitals during my tour.
Fri Apr 27 8:32:52 2001
Patricia (Patti) Vandermolen <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Hill
New Market, MD USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Aug 70 - Aug 71
Association: Head nurse preop/postop; staff nurse on ward 2

This was my 2nd tour of duty -- had served 15 months in Qui Nhon at the 67th Evac in 68-69. Despite the many difficulties of being in a war zone, I've never regretted my 2 tours there. I learned a lot about life there & the experience changed the course of my life. When I returned home this second time, I sought out adventure, knowing that we are not guaranteed longevity. I'm now on perhaps my greatest adventure, having married for the first time 8 years ago. Last year my we returned to Vietnam to adopt our son who is now 19 months old. Ah, so nice to feel at peace!
Mon Apr 16 14:28:22 2001

Sara Rush Berg <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Coner
Homer, AK USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: August 70- August 71
Association: Nurse

Worked on ward 5 and 2
Wed Apr 11 20:31:54 2001

James A. Causey <>
Liberty, MS USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: I was at Long Binh from Oct 66 until July 67
Association: I was S-1 in the 68th Medical group. I watched the 24th Evac being developed into an outstanding medical treatment facility.

My wife and I visited for 3 weeks in Vietnam in October of 97. The country was very different and we had a great time. It was wonderful to talk to the Vietnamese from Hanoi all the way to My Tho.
Tue Apr 3 23:20:17 2001

Fred A Crawford <>
Charleston, SC
I was at the 24th Evac from: March 1970-Feb 1971
Association: Surgeon
Mon Apr 2 16:36:55 2001
Gary K. Thompson <>
Littleton, CO USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: June 69 - June 70
Association: Sp 5 scrub tech 7pm - 7am shift

I had a good experience at the 24th. Learned a lot about assisting the surgeons especially Neuro surgery. We had great people in charge, LTC Ruth Webster, and Sgt Stormisky and others. Hope to hear from others of that time period and see some of you at the reunion in 2002.
Sun Apr 1 21:10:37 2001

Joe <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Patawaran
Sunset Beach, NC USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: July4th 1970-July4th 1971
Association: A&D Office, and later Stat Clerk in the Registrar Office for Major Young and Lt. Peterson

Luv to hear from anyone station at the 24th Evac...24th Evac will always remain in my heart and soul forever and everyone station there will always be special...
Luv you all......
Sun Apr 1 8:32:56 2001

Timothy <>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Johnson
Ben Lomond, Ca USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: May 1967
Association: Patient

199th Light Infantry Brigade, 1967 A/CO 2/3 "THANKS"
Thu Mar 29 16:22:47 2001

I was at the 24th Evac from: 11 AUG 70- 6 SEP 70
Association: PATIENT


Wed Mar 28 14:40:17 2001

My last name while in Vietnam was: N/A
I was at the 24th Evac from: 11 AUG 70 - 6 SEP 70
Association: PATIENT

Wed Mar 28 14:23:24 2001

Rodriguez, Leon <>
Denver, CO
I was at the 24th Evac from: 67/68
Association: NCOIC Surgery

Baby Barbara's' adoptive dad. Thanks to all who made it possible. We would love to hear from you.
Mon Mar 26 23:24:10 2001

Tim Morton <>
Polk City, Ia
I was at the 24th Evac from: May 1966-May 1967
Association: O.R. Technician
Sat Mar 24 10:17:51 2001
Doug Young <>
McAllen, TX
I was at the 24th Evac from: August 69 - March 70
Association: Married to a 24th Evac nurse

Not everything in Vietnam was all bad - I brought home a prize named 1LT Cynthia Mason - and made her my bride.

I was a grunt with the 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division. Those of us out in the weeds hold a special place in our hearts for the medical folks who kept so many of us alive. Thanx.
Thu Mar 22 9:30:05 2001

Ken Bowen <>

We're looking to put on a "REUNION"!! Pencil in your calendar for the weekend of April 12, 13 and 14th, 2002. It will be in San Antonio where the 24th Evac started from in 1966. I'm meeting with Marti (Courson) Maron in a few weeks in San Antonio for a "recon" of potential sites. Its early but we've already heard from a lot of folks who are interested. Neither Marti nor I have done this before so bear with us and we're interested to hear from others who can help. Stay tuned. Also, let me know of your interest and how you might be able to help. SPREAD THE WORD! Excited at the prospect of getting together again, Ken Bowen
Tue Mar 13 20:09:44 2001

Larry J Kimbrough, Sr. <>
Trenton, TN USA

Great site y'all have. I was with the 720th MP Bn and the 557th MP Co...I pulled a guard duty at the 24th for American POW that had escaped from VC jungle camp...this would have been Spring 68. Thanks to all the Medical personnel...y'all saved a lot of lives!
Tue Mar 13 7:22:13 2001

William F. (Frank) Pate <>
Wichita, KS USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: in-country 8-69 to 5-71
Association: PLL Sgt at Radio Company LBN site near 24th Evac

Went by 24th Evac almost daily on parts run to supply depot. Saw a lot of dustoff missions coming in. Interested in hearing from veterans from 44th Signal Battalion or Signal Support Agency Long Binh. Compiling address book of 44th Sig Bn vets.
Sun Mar 11 22:46:56 2001

Mel Libby <>
Durand, Mich USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Sept 67 to Nov 68
Association: Corpsman- Wards 5 & 6

This site is getting better everyday.  Thanks Cindy.  More and more former members and patients are checking it out. Ken Bowen is organizing a possible reunion in 2002.Thanks Ken.  I'm sure any help given to him would be appreciated.  Possibly see some of you former 24th Evac'ers in 2002.
Sun Mar 11 13:34:17 2001

Bruce Getsinger <>
I was at the 24th Evac from: Jan 9, 1967
Association: patient

I was air evac from Mekong Delta to 24th evac hos. I received gunshot wound at right wrist. Spent two weeks there and then shipped to Walter Reed, Wash DC. I remember an NVA troop in the bed next to me. He had no legs. I was taken very good care of. Thank you all.

Bruce Getsinger
Mon Mar 5 20:04:01 2001

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