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Stan Allen (The Limey) <tiger_1@optusnet.com.au>
I was at the 24th Evac from: 12 February 1969
Association: patient

I was in the aircraft that Bill Janes "couldn't land". 12 Feb '69 spent about 3 days with you guys then off to 6th Conv. at Cam Ranh Bay. Don't remember any names of you guys, don't remember much of my time there except two "medics" who upended me off the stretcher and onto the "Bed". Thanks for the attention
Wed Sep 26 2:13:16 2001

Doug McLaughlin <nailit@mediaone.net>
Rochester , Ma USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Jan 8 1970
Association: patient

Was admitted upper respiratory infection, after what I saw I was only too happy to give up my bed to those who really needed it. Thanks!!!! Cindy I finally got on. One question who was the doctor with the big silver peace syblem ring? He also dressed like he was right off the MASH show. Thanks again.  Doug
Tue Sep 25 18:29:39 2001

Henry Powers <henrypowers@tds.net>
Lawton, OK USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 22 jun 67 - 21 Jun68
Association: Registrar

The real story of the success of the 24th. Evac. began on the helipads (which I had to steal asphalt to construct) when my litter-bearers pulled the casualties from the "dust-offs" and got them into the emergency room. There, they were stripped down, valuables collected, recorded, and put in safekeeping. They identified the casualty and put the arm-band on them, then assisted the ER personnel (these guys were 91A and B). Many times during the monsoon season when it was almost impossible to see what was on the ground, when we got the call for "Queen Tonic" from a chopper, one of those guys would literally stand in the rain and talk the chopper in on the radio. I'll bet that most of you did not know that the 24th.Evac. was the first hospital in country to utilize "Chinooks" to evacuate our patients to the 21st. CSF at Tan Son Nute for further evacuation out of the combat zone. When ever a body was brought in on a helicopter, it was these guys that had to do the preliminary identification, tagging, and placing the remains in body bags to be sent to the morgue. Those Registrar personnel are probably the most forgotten, under appreciated, troops ever assigned to the 24th. Evac.
Sat Sep 22 16:50:20 2001

The webmaster agrees!

Msg-Retired Miller (Doyle) Lusk <>
Mineral Wells, Tx USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: May-1968 until May-1969
Association: SFC Lusk , 91C.4 Wardmaster Emergency & Surgical wards

I am retired and living in Mineral Wells, Tx. with my wife, Wanda. If God is willing we will be in San Antonio next May.
Sat Sep 22 10:11:14 2001

Larry G. Creekmore <lgc1229@aol.com>
Merriam, KS USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: May 1967-May 1968
Association: SP6, Operating Room Tech in Surgery.

Worked in Surgery as an Operating Room Tech along with a lot of good people, I think this is a great idea.
Sat Sep 22 8:41:40 2001

MICHAEL R. ELAM <mike@horizonview.com>
Chillicothe, OH USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: MARCH 14-29 MARCH 1968
Association: PATIENT

Wed Sep 19 21:34:39 2001

Anthony Phillips <a.phillips@raymedica.com>
Bloomington, MN USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 6/65 - 6/67
Association: I was a SP/6 OR Tech and spent most time on afternoon/evening shift

I, too, was one of the originals, having joined the 24th in Ft. Sam in summer of '65 as a teenaged SP/4 after a tour in Korea at the 44th SHMA. Despite the tragedy of Vietnam, I have some wonderful memories of my times with my friends there.
Mon Sep 17 17:41:10 2001

Russell Semen <r.semen@worldnet.att.net>
Philadelphia, PA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 1970-71
Association: OR Technician
Mon Sep 17 7:55:12 2001
Tom Holland <trh319@aol.com>
Philadelphia, Pa U. S. A.
I was at the 24th Evac from: 11/70 - 11/71
Association: OR Tech 91D20

I've already made an entry on this guestbook, but had to write another in light of the tragedy that went on a few days ago in NYC, DC & PA. Innocent civilians have become victims of a sneak attack from the cockroaches of the world. I don't know if the 24th Evac is an active unit these days, but if it is, and it is sent to care for the wounded resulting from our eventual retaliation to this brutal slaughter, our boys will be in good hands if patient care is even half as good as it was when I was privileged to work there!!!
Sun Sep 16 19:11:07 2001

Ken Kerr <kdelkerr@epix.net>
Wyalusing, Pa
I was at the 24th Evac from: June 66-June 67
Association: OR TECH
Fri Sep 14 1:27:11 2001
Sylvester G. "Spike" Spencer <spikebuck@dogmail.com>
Seattle, WA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: June'70-June'71
Association: Medical Lab Specialist

This was like a whole lifetime packed into one year. I have some pictures and letters my folks and friends saved from those times, which I'll round up and share as time permits. I have saved my Vietnamese langauge textbooks and notes, which include entries from some very memorable tutors... these trappings are my favorite saved "stuff". Dreams and current events are strongly prompting me to find and return to old friends from this period, both military and civilian, come what may. I have made some starts in writing some "historically authentic" fiction about my life in that period, which I have shared with a few web friends...more later, hopefully.
Thu Sep 13 14:10:25 2001

Elizabeth (Betty) Fahey <emf686f@smsu.edu>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Moye
Ozark, Mo USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Sept 70-Sept 71
Association: nurse

Nice to hear from old friends. I started out in the POW ward, then General Surgical, then Neurosurg. Stay in touch with Susan Lodge-graski-Backs and Marianne Scherer Jacobs. The twins you mentioned are Linda and Laura Green. Linda got out after a few years and lives in the south somewhere. Laura stayed to retire and last I knew was in Alaska. Both are married with children. I also stayed 20, retired, and am the happily divorced mother of three teenagers.
Enjoyed the trip to DC for the dedication of the memorial. Took my then 11 yr old daughter so she could experience the power of so many strong, heroic women. Thanks to all.
Wed Sep 12 22:38:20 2001

elizabeth (betty) fahey <emf686f@smsu.edu>
My last name while in Vietnam was: moye
ozark, mo us
I was at the 24th Evac from: sept70-sept71
Association: nurse
Wed Sep 12 21:47:00 2001
Gary Robinson <Gary.Robinson@maritz.com>
Plano, TX
I was at the 24th Evac from: May 1968-May 1969
Association: Adjutant
Tue Sep 11 15:41:01 2001
Susan L. Backs <sunshine223@mindspring.com>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Lodge (Graski)
Leavenworth, KS USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: July70 - July 71
Association: 2nd Lt ANC

I arrived 'in-country' straight from basic, and listened to the theme from MASH as the flight crew put us down in Bien Hoa. So started the best of times and the worst of times. Thanks to all -Joe Mitchell, if you're out there, I'll never forget you!
With the news of the terrible bombings in NY and DC, I'll offer my prayers for us all.
Tue Sep 11 10:42:26 2001

Jeff Wilhoit <kidmoreno@ztel.com>
Cumming, Ga Forsyth County

While working at the Atlanta Police Dept., I was "partnered" with this website's Webmistress's husband, the former CPT Doug Young, for several years during the early '70s on the Homicide Squad. My therapist assures me that with rest, proper diet, and supportive "group", I'll eventually make progress..... I love you both.
Mon Sep 3 15:56:53 2001

I was at the 24th Evac from: OCT 69 THRU OCT 70
Tue Aug 21 15:54:45 2001
Bill Brinton <>
Gladstone, Mo. USA
Association: Patient

Was wounded on May 27th 1969 and Med-evac to 24th. Thanks for the care given to me.
Thu Aug 9 16:54:14 2001

Larry L Chaney <>
Nuevo, Ca USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: October 1968 - September 1969
Association: Medical Assistant

Started at the mail room then went to E.R., then Ward 4 (Max) and then to ward 9 and 10. Sure was surprised to come across this web site. Will Try to make the reunion.
Sun Aug 5 22:10:02 2001

David M. Grant <>
Baraboo, WI USA

I was stationed at the US Army Hospital, Camp Zama, Japan, 1969-1972. We received many patients from the 24th Evac. We did our best to get them stateside and home. Sometimes we failed, but usually we got them ready for the rest of the trip. It wasn't always easy, as you may well understand. I worked in the Radioisotope Clinic and did some part time work in the Army MARS station. Our clinic was just off the helipad and, believe me, when the choppers started landing at 0700, it was continuous until late afternoon. As soon as one was off the pad, another was on the pad in its place. All of you at the 24th did a great job, we all knew of the reputation of your unit.
Sat Jul 21 22:08:34 2001

Don C. Hall <DonCHall@msn.com>
Bellevue, , WA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: June 1968
Association: patient

Company F, 51st Long Range Patrol (Airborne) Infantry
Wed Jul 18 20:37:29 2001
Sonny Gratzer <bandit6@sonnygratzer.com>
Missoula, MT USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 9 Feb 68 - 20 Feb 68
Association: Patient

I was in the IC ward with spinal injuries. I would like to find the two docs who operated on me, a neurosurgeon and a general surgeon. Both guys worked on my on 9 Feb 68. I had great care there and am indebted to those two guys. Also, a medic of Mexican descent helped me out considerably. I commanded Co B, 2nd Bn, 2nd Inf, 1st Inf Div. Thanks for putting up a good site. Someone may want to check out my site at sonnygratzer.com. Thanks. Sonny Gratzer
Wed Jul 18 16:18:48 2001
Joyce E. Muse <muse94805@yahoo.com>
Richmond Hts, CA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 1966-1967
Association: Nurse
Mon Jul 16 1:33:39 2001
John J. Boyle <kb3cny@adelphia.net>
Plains, PA USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: April or May 1970
Association: Patient

I was with Co. B, 369 Sig Bn at Long Binh...."that building
with the big tower and all the antennas"...as I used to
hear it called. Found my way to the 24th for treatment of
mononucleosis (and I "never kist nobudy" over there)!
The only person I remember was a 2LT nurse by the name of
"Linda". God bless her... she did a throat culture and I
never even gagged .
Sun Jul 15 15:24:56 2001

Ngoc Bao <amuir@mail.com>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Dang
Bac Giang, Vietnam
I was at the 24th Evac from: May 1970 - Oct 1970
Association: patient

I wish to express my sincere thanks to all the staff at Evac Hospital 24. I have waited years to make contact with the staff who saved my life. I'm delighted to have found this website and would very much appreciate if anybody could help me to find three particular doctors. If my memory serves me correctly their names were Kenningham, Goodly and Bennet and were approximately 23-25 years of age in 1970. They taught me some English and I drew pictures for their families in the states. There was also an interpreter there for us Vietnamese patients named Ly who was from Bien Hoa town.
Thank you for your help and thank you for this wonderful site that has the power to connect friends, colleaques, patients and heros!
Sun Jul 15 3:14:55 2001

Lyndsey Stone <lyn7744@excite.com>
San Antonio, Tx USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Dec 70-Aug71
Association: Chief Nurse

look forward to greeting you in SA in May 2002.
Fri Jul 13 18:17:50 2001

Bill Janes <billjanes@home.com>
Mesquite, TX USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: February 12 - 16, 1969
Association: Patient

On February 12, 1969 I was the Aircraft Commander of a UH-1D Helicopter out of Dong Tam enroute to Bien Hoa. Along the way, we experienced a tail rotor failure southeast of Saigon. We crashed, and another Huey scooped us up with the help of some passing MP's on Highway 1A, and minutes later we were in the 24th Evac. Don't know the names of the folks there that tended to me and the other five souls aboard, but whoever you are I'd like to say thanks. OH! Whoever that was that kept asking me my Name and other information to see if I still had any sense; Thanks for the cigarette. --Bill
Thu Jul 12 2:30:28 2001

Barbara E. <> (husband)
My last name while in Vietnam was: Pendleton
Hartselle, AL USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 1968-69
Association: RN
Mon Jul 9 12:09:25 2001
My last name while in Vietnam was: RODRIGUEZ

Sun Jul 8 8:39:04 2001

Carol A. Brown <Carol.Brown@or.ngb.army.mil>
My last name while in Vietnam was: Konieczny
McMinnville, OR USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Feb 70 - Mar 71
Association: I was a nurse

I was a nurse assigned to Ward 1, PRE-OP and Recovery. I worked with Patty Hill, Diane Corcoran, Teddy Frudden. Val Biskey and Carol Rogers were also there during that time. On 28 Nov 70, I was married at the Hospital Chapel to LT Larry Brown, a helicopter pilot. We have now been married for almost 31 years. Teddy Frudden Mclesky was my maid of honor. We had a reception in the Officer Club and later flew to Quang Tri for a CAV Wedding reception with the 3/17 CAV. Carol Rodgers, Jack Evans, Larry and I went to Bangkok for R&R in Jan 71.
Fri Jul 6 12:47:35 2001

George M. "Sonny" Gratzer <bandit6@sonnygratzer.com>
Missoula, MT USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: 9 Feb 68 - (approx) 21 Feb 68.
Association: I was a patient at 24th Evac for about 12 days beginning 9 Feb 68. I was a spinal patient, 6 nerve roots severed. 

Two guys worked on me, a neurosurgeon who did a great repair job and a general surgeon who did the same. I owe these two guys. The NS told me I wouldn't walk and I told him to go do it to himself. "That's the attitude you need to have," he said. The other MD worked on my guts, removed my appendix, handled my guts to see what needed to be done, etc. Both good guys and I want to shake their hands some day. I had at least one great corpsman who "cheated" and let me have more Kool-aid soaked cotton to suck on that I was supposed to have. On the bad side, I had a nighttime nurse who tried to kill me (accidentally) and if you get interested, I'll tell you the story. Anyway, I want to thank the troops, men and women of all ranks, THANK YOU! for helping me come around. I am indebted forever. Check me out at www.sonnygratzer.com, or email me at bandit6@sonnygratzer.com.  I commanded Co B, 2nd Bn, 2ndf Inf, 1st Inf Div out of Lai Khe. On top of that, please check out the Donut Dolly site I helped start at www.donutdolly.com.   All Dollies are invited to join. Go there for information and a "get in it" mode. Sincerely, Sonny Gratzer, 106 Rolling Green Place, Missoula, MT 59803 406-728-1753
Tue Jul 3 21:35:56 2001

James R. Young <jimyoung@mail.com>
Blythewood, SC USA
I was at the 24th Evac from: Jul 70 -May 71
Association: Registrar, part time XO... :-)

Was a bad war, but we did what we were trained to do, and the members of the 24th Evac did those duties well. Am proud to have served with such a fine group of Americans and those of other Countries that did their part.
Mon Jul 2 17:42:12 2001

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